Professor Crotty’s New Book Published

April 27, 2013

Winning the Presidency 2012

Edited by William J. Crotty


In this first scholarly reflection on the 2012 elections, a distinguished cast of contributors enlightens students, scholars, and serious political readers about the issues involved in one of the most polarizing presidential elections in history. Characterized by diversity, liveliness, and data-informed analysis, this new book captures the highlights of 2012, looking ahead as well as to its antecedents.

  • An all-star cast is among the first to parse the meaning of the 2012 elections.
  • Sets the stage with the historical moment in which the election takes place.
  • Includes groundbreaking research on party and campaign strategies and the nomination process.
  • Covers e-politics and online fund-raising.
  • Examines participation patterns, especially among younger and Latino voters, and the role of race, class, and gender.
  • Explores the policy debates, including hot-button issues past and present.
  • Looks at the role of the Tea Party, Occupy, the economic crisis, and other actors and factors in the election.

Author Info

William J. Crotty is the Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Public Life and Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy at Northeastern University. He is the author of a number of books and studies on political parties and elections and has been a recipient of the Samuel J. Eldersveld Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Political Science Association’s Political Organization and Parties Section (as well as other distinctions).

The outstanding contributors to this volume include:


Randall E. Adkins

William J. Crotty

Andrew J. Dowdle

Richard L. Fox

Stephen E. Frantzich

Hans Noel

Shayla C. Nunnally

Arthur C. Paulson

Gerald M. Pomper

Charles L. Prysby

Karen Sebold

Robert J. Spitzer

Wayne P. Steger

Patrick A. Stewart

and John Kenneth White


Praise for the 2008 Edition



Chapter One: “The Obama Reelection Campaign”
William J. Crotty
Chapter Two: “Presidential Nominations in a Polarized Party System”
Arthur C. Paulson
Chapter Three: “The Presidential Election”
Gerald M. Pomper
Chapter Four: “Hot Button Issues in the Presidential Campaign”
Robert J. Spitzer
Chapter Five: “A Transformational Political Marketing Campaign”
Wayne Steger
Chapter Six: “Are We Half Way There Yet?: New Technology and the 2012 Election”
Stephen E. Frantzich
Chapter Seven: “Coalition-Building and Ideology in 2012 and Beyond”
Hans Noel
Chapter Eight: “Explaining the Presidential Vote”
Charles L. Prysby
Chapter Nine: “Race and the 2012 Presidential Election”
Shayla C. Nunnally
Chapter Ten: “The Gender Gap and the Election of 2012″
Richard L. Fox
Chapter Eleven: “Financing the 2012 Presidential Election in a Post-Citizens United World”
Andrew J. Dowdle, Randall E. Adkins, Karen Sebold and Patrick A. Stewart
Chapter Twelve: “The Election in Perspective”
John Kenneth White

About the Author and Contributors

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