PhD Candidate Wins Best-Paper Award

August 20, 2011

PhD Candidate, Lacey Bradley-Storey, won the 2011 Northeastern Political Science Association (NPSA) Women’s Caucus Paper Award for the Best Paper by a Woman Political Scientist.  Her paper, “Chinese National Identity and the Politics of the Majority-Minority Discourse in Inner Mongolia,” was presented at the NPSA conference in 2010.
Shayla C. Nunnally, President of the Women’s Caucus of NPSA had the following remarks about Lacey’s paper.  “Through an analysis of multiple ethnic and religious identities among Chinese people, your paper expands our understanding of ‘Chinese identity’ and interrogates the way that we conceptualize ‘nation’ and ‘nationalism’ for majority versus minority groups within nation-states. Furthermore, with respect to Chinese politics, your paper helps us to understand how nations, ruling parties, and elite discourses contribute to the constructed metanarrative about the state’s identity and beliefs about how this identity should be perceived. We commend you on the strength and quality of your scholarship.”

In keeping with the tradition of the award prize, Lacey will be honored at the 2011 NPSA annual meeting on November 19th in Philadelphia, PA.  As a paper award winner, she will be presented with a $75.00 monetary prize.

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