PhD Candidate Primary Author on Book about Religion and Political Conflict

July 01, 2011 Marian Simion (PhD Candidate) was primary author of Religion and Political Conflict: From Dialectics to Cross-Domain Charting, published by the Presses internationals Polytechnique of Montreal.  The first part of this book contains the proceedings from a lecture series on religion and conflict which was sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations, while a rotating member in the UN Security Council. The lecture series included Marian Gh. Simion of the Boston Theological Institute, Professor David Little of Harvard University, and Ambassador Mihnea Motoc of the UN Security Council. The second part of the book contains a cross examination and a proposal for an integrative approach to the study of collective violence in the fields of religious studies and political sciences, and it is authored by Marian Gh. Simion, a theologian and political scientist.
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