Michael C. Tolley

Areas of Study

Public Law, Judicial Process, Comparative Constitutionalism, Comparative Judicial Studies

Selected Publications

  • “Juridification in the United Kingdom,” in Charlotte Maas, ed., Juridification in Europe: The Balance of Powers Under Pressure? (The Hague, 2012)
  • “Judicialization of Politics in Europe: Keeping Pace with Strasbourg,” Journal of Human Rights, Vol. 11, (2012).
  • “Australia’s Commonwealth Model and Terrorism,” in Mary Volcansek and John F. Stack, Jr., eds., Courts and Terrorism: Nine Nations Balance Rights and Security (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011).
  • Globalizing Justice: Critical Perspectives on Transnational Law and the Cross-Border Migration of Legal Norms. Albany: SUNY Press, 2010 (with Donald W. Jackson and Mary Volcansek).
  • “Parliamentary Scrutiny of Rights in the United Kingdom: Assessing the Work of the Joint Committee on Human Rights,” Australian Journal of Political Science, 44 (2009).
  • “Legal Controversies over Federal Judicial Selection in the United States: Breaking the Cycle of Obstruction and Retribution over Judicial Appointments,” in Kate Malleson and Peter H. Russell (eds.) Appointing Judges in an Age of Judicial Power: Critical Perspectives from around the World. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006.
  • “Judicial Review of Agency Interpretation of Statutes: Deference Doctrines in Comparative Perspective,” Policy Studies Journal, 31 (2003).
  • American Government: Conflict, Compromise and Citizenship. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000 (with Christopher J. Bosso and John H. Portz).
  • Courts of Admiralty in Colonial America: The Maryland Experience, 1634-1776. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 1995 (with David R. Owen).
  • State Constitutionalism in Maryland. New York and London: Garland Publishing, 1992.

Selected Professional Activities

  • Visiting Scholar (2011), Center for the Study of Law and Society, Law School, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Convenor (2000-2008), Research Committee on Comparative Judicial Studies (RC9 IPSA)
  • Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford University, 1996-1997

Recent Courses


  • POLS 3302 Judicial Process and Behavior
  • POLS 4500 U.S. Constitutional Law
  • POLS 4505 U.S. Civil Liberties
  • POLS 4701 Political Science Senior Capstone


  • POLS 7310- Administrative Law and Politics
  • POLS 7253- American Constitutional History and Theory
  • POLS 7355- Comparative Constitutionalism