Benedict Jimenez

Areas of Study

Benedict S. Jimenez (PhD, University of Illinois) is the recipient of the 2014 Clarence N. Stone Early Career Scholar Award and the 2013 Paul A. Volcker Junior Scholar Award from the American Political Science Association, and the 2009 Donald C. Stone Junior Scholar Award from the American Society for Public Administration. He is an external member of the Municipal Fiscal Health Analysis Working Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Formerly Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, his research examines how sub-national governments finance, manage and provide local public goods. He studies these issues in the U.S. and in the context of developing countries. Using theories and concepts from organization theory and public management, and public finance and budgeting, Benedict’s research has explored three distinct but inter-related areas of inquiries in the fields of state and local public management and finance:

Research area 1: How the structure of the state and local public sector (fiscal decentralization, local government fragmentation) and the relationship among levels and types of governments (competition or cooperation) influence the financing and provision of public services.

Research area 2: How management processes (performance management, strategic planning, and decision processes and structures) affect the fiscal performance of state and local governments.

Research area 3: How citizens and information technology shape the process and substance of local decision-making, including fiscal policymaking.

Current Research Project

Benedict is currently directing a national survey that examines how public management, fiscal, and institutional variables influence the process and outcomes of fiscal retrenchment in cities after the 2007-09 Great Recession.

Selected Publications

Most of the papers can be downloaded from the Social Science Research Network

19)Jimenez, B.S.(2014) Performance management and deficit adjustment in municipal governments: An exploratory study. Public Administration Quarterly, forthcoming
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+This paper was cited in an article in the Journalist Resource Project based at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center, and appeared as a short article in the Public Policy Group of the London School of Economics and Political Science
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 Selected Professional Activities

Benedict is a member of the American Society for Public Administration, American Political Science Association, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Association for Budgeting and Financial Management, Public Management Research Association, and the Academy of Management, and has presented the results of his research in the national and international conferences of these academic and professional organizations.

Upcoming and Recent Courses Taught

Public Budgeting and Taxation (Undergraduate)
Public Budgeting and Financial Management (MPA)
Economic Analysis and Institutions (MPA)
Performance Measurement and Contracting in the Public Sector (MPA)
Advanced Quantitative Techniques (Ph.D.)