Affiliated Faculty

The Department of Political Science and College of Social Sciences and Humanities relies heavily on an interdisciplinary environment in which full-time faculty and lecturers from other Departments and Programs at Northeastern teach and work with our students and faculty.
Stearns Trustee Professor of Political Economy, Director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy, and Dean of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
Ph.D., University of Michigan
343 Holmes Hall
Areas of Study: Political Economy, Income Distribution, Business and Industrial Policy, Labor-management Relations, Higher Education Finance, Urban and Regional Economic Development
Professor and Associate Dean in School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, and Director of Nanotechnology & Society Research Group
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
29 Lake Hall
Areas of Study: Science and Technology Policy, Environmental Policy, the Politics of Food Safety, Public Policymaking
Fall-Winter 2010-11 Paola
Director, University Honors Program 
Ph.D., Columbia University
411D Richards Hall
Areas of Study: Comparative Democratization and Transitional Justice
Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
Ph.D., Boston College
310 Renaissance Park
Areas of Study: Economics, Quantitative Methodology, Public Policy, Social Welfare Policy
Professor and Director of Law and Public Policy Program
Ph.D., Penn State
337 Holmes Hall
Areas of Study: Urban and State Economic Development, Urban Sustainability and Climate Change Policy and Planning, Workforce Development
Associate Academic Specialist and Director of Human Services Program
Ph.D., Northeastern University
310B Renaissance Park
Areas of Study: Non-profit Program Planning, Development and Management, Tenant/landlord Law, Homelessness, Counseling and Advocacy Services for Victims of Domestic Violence
Assistant Professor in Communication Studies
Ph.D., University of Illinois
204 Lake Hall
Areas of Study: Political Communication, Political Rhetoric, Legal Argumentation, Advocacy, and Citizenship
Professor in Communication Studies
Ph.D., University of Illinois
204 Lake Hall
Areas of Study: Political Communication, Political Rhetoric, Public Discourse
Ph.D., The American University
210H Renaissance Park
Areas of Study: Globalization; Development; Social movements and transnational activism; transnational feminist networks; political sociology of the Middle East and North Africa.
Associate Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
531 Holmes Hall
Areas of Study: political sociology, gender, organizations, globalization, welfare states, Germany and the European Union. Her current research explores the globalization of science, focusing on the mobility of academics and international research collaborations.