International Relations Reading Group

February 16, 2012 , 12 - 1 PM
Location: 306 Meserve Hall
Organizer: Department of Political Science
Contact: Natalie Bormann
Reading: 'Exceptionalism in American foreign policy: Is it exceptional?' by K.J. Holsti, European Journal of International Relations, 2011. The IR Reading Group is an informal and open reading group, now entering its fourth year. The reading group, aside from collectively tackling some of the more difficult, but rewarding, texts in the IR discipline, sees itself as a knowledge-enhancing activity, allowing graduate students to discuss issues with like-minded people while staying on top of current developments in IR. Previously, our themes included culture and IR, emotions in world politics, a reflection on the anniversary of 9/11, and the influence of continental philosophy in IR. *All readings are available through blackboard.
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    Department of Political Science
    301 Meserve Hall
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