Immigration and Democracy

October 15, 2013 , 6:00 P.M.
Location: 310 Renaissance Park
Organizer: College of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Office of Student Affairs, and the School of Law
Speaker: Jack McDevit, Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Serena Parekh, Rachel E. Rosenbloom
This event is part of an educational series on civic sustainability hosted by Michael S. Dukakis in conjunction with the Presidential Council on Inclusion and Diversity

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The United States has struggled to find balance between respecting the rights of those who want to become part of the American dream and of those concerned about the financial costs. Please join us as three prominent Northeastern scholars lead a discussion about the myths associated with immigration and the realities revealed through research. Jack McDevitt will moderate the conversation with faculty panelists Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Serena Parekh, and Rachel E. Rosenbloom, and with the audience.
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