Master of Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program has been preparing students for first-time employment and career advancement in the public and nonprofit sectors since its founding in 1969. The MPA Program is affiliated with the Department of Political Science as well as the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA).  Most of the courses and many of the faculty are in Political Science, while the student services component of the program is run through the SPPUA.

The Program is accredited by NASPAA, signifying that it meets the highest standards in curriculum, faculty, and student support for professional public administration graduate programs.

Faculty in the MPA program include full-time professors at Northeastern University as well as part-time adjunct lecturers who are practitioners in the respective fields of public administration.



Graduates of the MPA Program must successfully complete 42 semester hours (usually, fourteen courses) of credit in a prescribed curriculum. Coursework is divided between 24 credits in eight required courses, referred to as the core, and 18 credits in six elective courses. For students without work experience, an internship is required and replaces one of the elective courses.  You will also find at the end of this guide a useful MPA Course Requirements Tracking Sheet to help you in monitoring your progress toward graduation.  Additional information about the MPA Program is available at: