MA in Political Science

The Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science Program focuses on the core-scholarly areas of political science. Students specialize in one of the following concentration areas:

Beyond the foundational courses of the MA degree and their chosen concentration, MA students are offered a range of options including theoretical or practitioner-oriented courses, the pursuit of internships, the writing and submission of a research thesis, or the individualized exploration of a research topic through a directed study. Additionally students are allowed to explore the field with a more focused emphasis, working within one of our core areas of research and practitioner expertise.

With decades of outstanding scholarship, our MA students have gone on to pursue a wide range of opportunities. Many have used the degree as a foundation for Doctoral work, taking advantage of the opportunity offered by our Master’s program to take higher level research courses with Doctorate level students. Other’s have utilized the degree as an academic foundation to a career in government, including work at the federal, state, and local level, as well as work in international development or relations.

For a full guide with requirements and information about applying to our MA program, please see our Graduate Student Guide.