Applications and Forms

The following are several links to applications, forms, and information manuals of interest to current and prospective students of our three graduate programs.

Information about Graduate Programs

Applications for Admission

  • New Students- All interested new students must apply online through our Graduate School.  Information on applying and a link to the application can be found here,
  • Plus-One- If you are an undergraduate Political Science major interested in the Plus-One program for the MA or MPA program, you will be able to find information here.
  • Internal Admission Process- If you are a current Non-degree, MA or MPA student and you are looking to apply to a different program within the department (most often MA to PhD), the necessary form can be found here.

Program Curriculum Sheets

Other Forms and Applications

  • Graduate Petition Form-  Should be included with any special requests related to graduate studies within the department
  • PhD- Comprehensive Exam Preparation Guide 2013- For PhD students who’ve completed or are near completing coursework. Make sure to petition to sit for the exam by submitting a formal petition.
  • PhD_Dissertation Proposal Guidelines-For PhD candidates to be used in their first semester of candidacy as a general guide to aid in the creation of a Dissertation Proposal.
  • MA Thesis Proposal Guidelines-For MA students to be used prior to enrolling in the Thesis Course [POLS 7990] as a general guide to aid in the creation of a Thesis Proposal. [due 3 weeks prior to the semester]
  • Conference Funding Proposal Instructions- The Department maintains a small fund to assist graduate student participation in or attendance at professional meetings. Funding is available to all graduate students, with priority given to doctoral students offering papers. [You must first apply for funding from the Graduate Student Senate.]