United Nations in Geneva

The Geneva Dialogue is titled Disarmament Diplomacy, Humanitarian Action, and International Security. It was  started in 2007 by Professor Denise Garcia with the aim of exposing students to the practice and real life of diplomacy and negotiation of key world politics issues at the highest level that occur in the city of Geneva, capital of humanitarian diplomacy.

Geneva is where two-thirds of all United Nations activities take place. The Dialogue also aims to provide students with opportunities and possibilities of interacting and networking for future professional possibilities. Since the beginning of Dialogue, several co-op opportunities began with at least three students in co-op at a time each semester. The focus of this Dialogue is on pressing issues of disarmament, arms control, international humanitarian law, and human rights law, and international security in general. A typical day includes engagement with the local community of international diplomats, locally-posted United Nations personnel, researchers, and other negotiators, academics, and non-governmental organizations, as well as advocacy groups.


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