International Opportunities

There are three types of international opportunities generally pursued by Northeastern students:

  • Dialogue of Civilizations and Other Short-term Programs
  • Undergraduate Study Abroad
  • International Co-op

Dialogue of Civilizations and Other Short-term Faculty-led Programs

The Department of Political Science encourages international study. Our faculty members have led groups of political science majors and other interested students to various corners of the world. These trips are often the culminating part of a specific course and they always seek to move beyond merely visiting a country or region’s “main attractions.” The majority of these programs were organized through Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations program.  Recent locations for faculty-led travel include:

Undergraduate Study Abroad

Many Political Science undergraduate students participate in longer term study abroad programs as a way to deepen their study of international and comparative politics, develop foreign-language skills, or simply experience the thrill of living in another cultural environment. More than 25 Study Abroad programs applicable to Political Science majors are sponsored by Northeastern’s Office of International Study Programs . Popular destinations for Political Science students have included University College in Dublin, Ireland, the London School of Economics, American University in Cairo, and Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan.  In addition to regular course work, some of our traditional study abroad programs, such as those in Brussels, Canberra, Dublin and London include opportunities for students to intern for a few hours a week with a member of parliament in the country concerned.

Students possibly interested in a traditional study abroad program are encouraged to speak with a faculty mentor and the Office of International Study for more information about requirements, as well as information about which locations best match your needs.  It is never too early during your studies at Northeastern to research and talk with advisors about how best to pursue an opportunity abroad.

International Co-op

At Northeastern, international cooperative education is a great way for students to develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to feel comfortable anywhere in the world. Working and living in another country presents some challenges, but as they overcome these challenges, students gain intercultural competency, international exposure, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.  That is why Northeastern carefully prepares students for international experiential opportunities.

To help students interested in international co-op cover the additional expense often associated with such opportunities, The Presidential Global Scholars Program provides financial aid (over and above all other financial aid) for students who need assistance in order to take an international co-op position.

Northeastern students can pursue a six-month international experiential learning opportunity in over 50 countries, and 100 cities with a wide range of international organizations. Opportunities exist in a broad range of industries including business, health care, engineering, education, computer technology, biomedical, and communications. For further information on pursuing a Co-op experience overseas see your Co-op advisor or the International Co-op Office.