Center for Collaborative Education

Posted August 08, 2012 Employer: Center for Collaborative Education
Approximate Deadline: December 2012
  1. Principal Residency Network
  • Needs assessment for principal training program application  (hiring projections for BPS, surrounding districts – pipeline analysis;  needed by December)
  • Data base work + analysis of impact of graduates on their schools (3 programs);  develop a design for measuring impact  (includes a literature review) and develop an efficient system for programs to input and update data



  1. Research on Pilot School Predictive Assessments

Task: Collect and analyze assessments used by Pilot schools

  • How are the Pilot school assessments used as predictive assessments?   What assessments?  What are they designed to measure?  How do they alignment with school student outcome goals and/or MCAS goals?
  • Collect data from schools that are using district predictive assessments.  Are these schools using the district assessments consistently?  Are the schools finding them valid predictive assessments for their student outcome goals?
  • How do the district assessments correlate with the MCAS? 
  1. Research:  Meta analysis of school reform initiatives/school restructuring/small schools with autonomies along with grant writing experience

Product:  co-authoring of a paper

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