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Posted September 17, 2012 Employer: Fund for the Public Interest (Massachusetts)
Approximate Deadline: January 2013

Every year in Massachusetts, we burn and bury 6 million tons of trash, while 80% of our garbage could be re-used or recycled.  Burning and burying trash contributes to air and water pollution. Wasteful packaging, which is immediately thrown away, contributes to one third of our state’s total garbage.

We have the technology to reduce wasteful packaging, to make materials that are more easily recycled, and to recycle more of the containers that are currently produced.

Right now the MASS DEP is creating a plan for what to do with our waste for the next decade.  So we have a huge opportunity to reduce the trash that we burn and bury and put Massachusetts on the path towards a system of zero waste.  But without strong public pressure, our government will continue to look for ways to “manage” our waste by looking for more places to burn and bury trash instead of reducing waste and increasing recycling.

So we’re hiring people to get out into neighborhoods and build the public support it will take to get our state on a pathway to zero waste!

We have part-time and full-time positions available. The average salary comes to $10-15/HR, and we can be fairly flexible with students’ schedules. The best way to apply is to call our office at 617-292-4810. You can apply online 

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