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Prof. Max Abrahms will present at TEDx Hollywood on June 19th

June 16, 2014

Professor Max Abrahms will be presenting at TEDx Hollywood on June 19th, as a Terrorism Expert in the section of the presentations called “Privacy Primacy.” You can see the schedule of presentations here

Prof. Denise Horn documents eventful Fulbright Scholarship in Asia

June 03, 2014

It's been an exciting time in Southeast Asia these last few months (Indonesian elections, Malaysian airline crash, China claiming islands...), not the least of which has been the coup in Thailand. If you're interested in a synopsis/evaluation of the situation, here's Professor Denise Horn's latest post in Relations International.

Department Chair Mitchell Orenstein on the Ground for Elections in Ukraine

June 03, 2014

Professor Orenstein spent his time in the city of Lviv, located in the western part of the country. There he attended a campaign event for Petro Poroshenko, a Ukrainian billionaire who won the presidential election on May 25 with 54 percent of the vote. For a more detailed account of Prof. Orenstein's trip read his brief interview with Joe O'Connell here.

Global Migration: The Basics, a new book by Prof. Tom Vicino

May 21, 2014

GlobalMigrationAssociate Professor Thomas J. Vicino has published Global Migrations: The Basics (Routledge) along with collaborator Bernadette Hanlon, Knowlton School Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning. Professor Vicino will be in Brazil from June - December 2014, as a Fulbright Scholar, conducting research on the process of rapid urbanization and economic development planning in the largest metropolitan areas of Brazil.

From the publisher’s website:

This book challenges students of geography, political science, public policy, sociology, and economics to look beyond the rhetoric and consider the real and basic facts about migration. Through detailed examinations of the scholarly literature, demographic patterns, and public policy debates, Global Migration: The Basics exposes readers to the underlying causes and consequences of migration.



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