Mixed Signs In Mass. Housing Market

mixed signs housing market

By Bob Oakes | WBUR | July 23, 2012
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There are mixed signs in the state’s housing market. Foreclosure petitions — the first step in the process — have dipped to their lowest level this year. But according to the Warren Group, more petitions were filed last month than in June 2011.

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors says its market index is up 103 percent from last year. While home prices are also higher than this time in 2011, they’ve dropped over the past two months, so it’s still a volatile market.

Housing expert Barry Bluestone monitors the housing market as the director for the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University. He joined Morning Edition Monday to talk about the market in greater Boston. Read More

Time to buy … if you can

housing market

By Barry Bluestone | Boston.com | July 27, 2012

As a general rule, you will do much better taking advice from a used car salesman or, for that matter, a fortune teller than an economist. Economists, on the whole, are much better when it comes to arguing abstract theory about the past or the future than providing even the most mundane concrete advice about the present. My wife, with her training in psychology and survey research, has a much better track record than I when it comes to buying almost anything or investing in the stock market.

Yet at the risk of actually giving out some advice, for whatever it is worth, let me suggest that if you are going to be in the market to buy a home sometime in the near future and can afford to buy one now, there may be no better time to do so than this summer. There are a lot of reasons for listening this one time to a card-carrying economist. Read More

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