USA Today – Quit abusing ‘active shooter’ term: Column

James Alan Fox

James Alan Fox says Fort Hood is latest example of unnecessary panic created by misuse of this terminology. Death would be too good for Marathon bomber

James Alan Fox

James Alan Fox says he is disappointed that the federal government will pursue the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev because it will increase his martyrdom status. – Crime & Punishment: Calm down when crime’s up


James Alan Fox says Boston shouldn’t get carried away by the recent spike in crime this January. Fluctuations in crime trends, he says in his latest column, can be misleading.

USA Today – Nancy Lanza was a victim, too: Column

James Alan Fox

James Alan Fox, Lipman Professor of Criminology, says we should assume Nancy Lanza had the best intentions for her son. She was a struggling parent, and a victim, too.

The Christian Science Monitor – George Zimmerman: latest arrest and a troubling post-verdict saga


James Alan Fox, Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, comments on the the jury’s verdict in a new piece about the George Zimmerman “saga.”

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