The Christian Science Monitor – George Zimmerman: latest arrest and a troubling post-verdict saga


James Alan Fox, Lipman Family Professor of Criminology, comments on the the jury’s verdict in a new piece about the George Zimmerman “saga.”

Faculty Research Round-Up: Brian Helmuth


When our faculty aren’t busy teaching or conducting research, they’re often publishing or promoting their work. Here’s a look at what Brian Helmuth, Professor of Environmental Science and Public Policy, has been working on this year: Papers October 2013 | Diversity and Distributions Predicting biological invasions in marine habitats through eco-physiological mechanistic models: a case […]

Partnership aims to bring together world-class cities

Screen shot 2012-03-13 at 9.38.09 AM
(NECN) – A program at Northeastern University aims to strengthen trade ties at a state and local level between cities across the globe.

The World Class Cities Partnership recently added its ninth partner city – Hamburg, Germany.

Michael Lake, executive director of the Partnership, and Robert Buckley, a senior Partner at Reimer and Braunstein, join NECN Business to discuss the efforts being made to connect Boston, Mass. to the rest of the world – and what kind of impact that could have on the Hub’s economy.

Watch the attached video for more.

‘If they don’t have a job by now, they’re kind of out of luck’: Summer jobs sparse for teens this year

This summer might be another bummer for high school and college students looking for seasonal employment.
Already local park districts that traditionally hire teens and college students during the summer months have completed their hiring. Collinsville Area Recreation District spokeswoman Elizabeth Davis said hiring began at beginning of the year and wrapped up earlier this spring.

“We’re done hiring,” Davis said. “A lot of our hiring started in January.”

For many grads, the old college try’s not enough


Tiffany Groene is waiting tables.

Erin Crites is making lattes and iced coffees.

And Anna Holcombe is buying and selling gold.

These three Chicago women share more than just scraping by with low-paying jobs: They all have master’s degrees and are unable to find work in their specialty areas.

There’s even a name for their situation. They are referred to as mal-employed, a term coined in the ’70s for college graduates who could not find jobs that require a degree. Instead, they settle for low-skilled jobs.

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