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The Relationship between Practice-Oriented Education and Post-Graduate Work Experience - American Educational Research Association — Laura Szalacha has received grant funding to analyze data from Baccalaureate and Beyond 2000/2001, a large scale, nationally representative study of baccalaureate holders to examine short-term career outcomes of approximately 10,000 graduates who participated in practice-oriented educational programs (abbreviated as POE, this refers to apprenticeships, internships and coops) compared with those who did not participate. It is designed to meet the needs of educational policy makers, higher education administrators, and consumers of post-secondary education (students and their families) for scientifically valid information on the potential career benefits of POE.

Our conceptual model posits that, controlling for individual and family background characteristics of the graduates and the type of institution they have attended, those who participated in POE will have higher salaries, be more satisfied with their work, more likely to see it as related to their major and more likely to view it as a first step in a career. In other words, we hypothesize that POE moderates the relationship between students’ individual and family characteristics and the characteristics of the institution they attend with their career outcomes after graduation.


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