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Faculty Research Fellow


Peter Manning
Brooks Professor
College of Criminal Justice
400 Churchill Hall


The premise of Northeastern’s COOP program is the idea that the coop experience, or more broadly, practice-oriented education, adds significantly to the skill base of students, differentiates them from others in the workplace in their first jobs, and perhaps facilitates on-the-job learning and learning to learn. Three types of information should be gathered when studying learning within an organization:

  1. How the learning of tasks, routines, and attitudes takes place.
    Includes: In what setting, with whom, when and how

  2. How individuals cope and adapt when things ‘go wrong’ (the perceived problematics of such learning)
    Includes: Stress, indecisiveness or reflection

  3. How to learn or how to recognize a new context for learning (meta-learning)
Peter Manning’s study will gather these three types of information by using interviews, focus groups and documents (evaluations of coop students and employers). This will allow him to examine learning in police organizations and may illuminate generic issues in learning in POE experiences. His research will address two questions:
  1. Do police officers who had an NU coop job transfer learning, skills, and meta-learning skills from the coop experience to their present police job?

  2. How do coop students compare themselves in this regard to other officers of their same age and experience?
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