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Joe Raelin
Knowles Chair

Joe Raelin is an international authority in work-based learning and collaborative leadership development.  He holds the Asa S. Knowles Chair of Practice-Oriented Education at Northeastern University and was formerly Professor of Management at the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management at Boston College.  He received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  His research has centered on human resource development, focusing in particular on executive education through the use of action learning.  He is a prolific writer with over 125 articles appearing in the leading management journals.  He is also a management consultant with some thirty-five years of experience working with a wide variety of organizational clients.  Among his books are:  The Clash of Cultures:  Managers Managing Professionals, considered now to be a classic in the field of professionals and bureaucracy (Harvard Business School Press, 1991), the latest edition of Work-Based Learning: Bridging Knowledge and Action in the Workplace (Jossey-Bass, 2008), Creating Leaderful Organizations: How to Bring Out Leadership in Everyone (Berrett-Koehler, 2003), and now to accompany the latter, The Leaderful Fieldbook: Strategies for Developing Leadership in Everyone (Nicholas-Brealey, 2010).  Joe is the recipient of the 2010 David Bradford Outstanding Educator Award from the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, and was recently selected to receive the national CEIA (Cooperative Education and Internship Association) James W. Wilson Award for outstanding contributions to research in the field of cooperative education.

Prof. Raelin is currently contributing to the development of the field of work-based learning as well as to that of the new paradigm of shared leadership via what he refers to as "leaderful practice." These two domains intersect accordingly in terms of:
1)  dialogue and reflective practices – what is the role of change agency and facilitation in promoting emancipatory forms of discourse?
2)  work-based learning and collective leadership – what epistemological shifts occur when we view leadership as a collective phenomenon that is conceived as a practice?


Teaching Interests

Leadership (using work-based learning methods)
Organizational Behavior


Selected Publications

"Dialogue and Deliberation as Expressions of Democratic Leadership in Participatory Organizational Change," Lead article in Journal of Organizational Change Management, 25 (1): 7-23, 2012. [For a pdf version click here]

"From Leadership as Practice to Leaderful Practice," Leadership7 (2): 195-211, 2011. [For a pdf version click here]

"Emancipatory Discourse and Liberation," Management Learning, 39 (5): 519-540, 2008. [For a pdf, click here]

“Refereeing the Game of Peer Review,” Academy of Management Learning and Education, 7 (1): 124-129, 2008.

"Toward an Epistemology of Practice," Exemplary Contribution in Academy of Management Learning and Education, 6 (4): 495-519, 2007. [For a pdf version, click here]

“Developing Managers as Learners and Researchers: Using Action Learning and Action Research” (Joseph A. Raelin and David Coghlan), Journal of Management Education, 30 (5): 670-689, October 2006.

“Does Action Learning Promote Collaborative Leadership?” Lead article in the Academy of Management Learning and Education, 5 (2): 152-168, June 2006. [For a pdf version, click here]

“Taking the Charisma Out: Teaching as Facilitation,” Organization Management Journal, 3 (1): 4-12, 2006. (To view as a pdf file, click here]

“Finding Meaning in the Organization,” Sloan Management Review, 47 (3): 64-68, Spring 2006.

“Developmental Action Learning: Toward Collaborative Change,” (Joseph A. Raelin and Jonathan Raelin), Action Learning: Research and Practice, 3 (1): 45-67, April 2006.
[To view, click here]

"The Role of Facilitation in Practice," Organizational Dynamics, 35 (1): 83-95. [For a copy of the manuscript, click here]

"I Don't Have Time to Think! (vs. The Art of Reflective Practice)," Reflections: The SoL Journal, 4 (1): 66-79, 2002, and summarized in The Action Reflection Learning Newsletter, No. 30, February 2003.

"Public Refection as the Basis for Learning," Management Learning, 32 (1), 11-30, 2001

"A Model of Work-Based Learning," Organization Science, 8 (6): 563-578, 1997

"Action Learning and Action Science: Are They Different?" Organizational Dynamics, 26(1): 21-34, 1997

"The Persean Ethic: Consistency of Belief and Action in Managerial Practice," Human Relations, 46 (5): 575-621, 1993

"An Anatomy of Autonomy: Managing Professionals," Academy of Management Executive, 3 (3): 216-228, August 1989

"Unionization or Deprofessionalization: Which Comes First?" Journal of Organizational Behavior, 10 (2): 101-115, April 1989

"The 60's Kids in the Corporation: More than 'Daydream Believers,'" inaugural issue of the Academy of Management Executive, 1 (1): 21-30, February 1987

"An Examination of Deviant/Adaptive Behavior in the Organizational Careers of Professionals," Academy of Management Review, 9 (3): 423-427, July 1984, and reprinted in the Journal of Library Administration, 6 (1); 71-95, Spring 1985

Complete list of publications



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