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Joe Raelin

Creating Leaderful Organizations:
How to Bring Out Leadership in Everyone

Creating Leaderful Organizations Book CoverJoseph A. Raelin's Creating Leaderful Organizations: How to Bring Out Leadership in Everyone presents a new paradigm of leadership that is based on mutual rather than heroic and solitary leadership.

To understand what this means, think of a time when you were with a team that was humming along almost like a single unit. Working together was a joy. Each team member had a particular functional role but seemed able implicitly to support others when warranted. Any one of the team members could speak for the entire team. On occasion, you might have heard someone remark that this team was "leaderless." To the contrary, Creating Leaderful Organizations explains that this team was likely operating on the revolutionary concept of "leaderful practice."

In this age of lean operations, of doing more with less, leadership may be the most desperate problem faced in organizational life. Raelin shows that leadership, reimagined in a mutually inclusive way, can help to solve many of the problems encountered in work life today. This new form of leadership that Raelin describes responds to our seemingly chaotic world by bringing out the best of the human condition. While many people have suggested that leaders consult with their followers, or that leaders learn to step aside to let others take the reins, Raelin advocates a truly mutual model that incorporates everyone in leadership-that transforms leadership from being an individual property into a leaderful practice.

Using examples from a variety of progressive organizations such as Hewlett-Packard, The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Johnson and Johnson, UPS, The Peace Corps, Harley-Davidson, Virgin, and Dell Computer, Raelin offers practical guidance and an easy-to-implement framework for preparing for leaderful practice by distributing leadership roles, developing individuals to assume leaderful practice, and dealing with employee and manager resistance. Creating Leaderful Organizations reveals the benefits of adopting the leaderful approach, both in terms of its contribution to the bottom-line as well as its appeal to fundamental collaborative, human instincts.

About the Author:
JOE RAELIN is the Asa Knowles Chair at Northeastern University. A practical scholar and popular speaker, Joe is, understandably, now helping managers promote leaderful development. He has more than twenty-five years of experience working as a management consultant with a wide variety of organizational clients. Most recently, he has sponsored a set of unique executive development series that promotes leaderful practice by using work-based learning methods.

His past publications include Work-Based Learning: The New Frontier of Management Development (Prentice-Hall, 2000), The Salaried Professional: How to Make the Most of Your Career (Greenwood/Praeger, 1984) and The Clash of Cultures: Managers Managing Professionals (Harvard Business School Press, 1991). The Clash of Cultures is considered to be a classic in the field of managing professionals. He is also North-American co-editor of the journal, Management Learning. Among his most notable accomplishments was receiving the John Wiley "Best Paper Award in Management Education," at the 1994 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

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