Oleg Batishchev

Computational and Plasma Physics

Oleg Batishchev

Professor of Practice
PhD Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1986
DrSc Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 2001
(617)373-7512 office 024 DA / Plasma Lab 025 DA
(617)373-5328 IPL 323 CH

Research Summary:

Prof. Batishchev’s main research areas are Plasma Physics applications in fusion energy, laser-matter interaction, space, electric propulsion, and industry, and Computational Physics with focus on high-performance computing. Of particular interest are physical systems described with non-linear kinetic equations coupled with electro-magnetic fields, collisional processes and radiation transport, which are simulated using adaptive Eulerian methods in phase-space. Experimental research includes gas discharges and high-resolution spectroscopy.
Prof. Batishchev was the Chairman of the 18th ICNSP and Winner of the 2009 Breakthrough Award as the inventor of the Minihelicon.
Member of APS (DPP and DCOMP), IEEE and AIAA.

Recent Publications:

Oleg Batishchev and Leith Rankine, Experiments for the Introductory Physics Laboratory, Hayden McNeil, 2011.

O. Batishchev, Semi-Analytical Adaptive Vlasov – Fokker-Planck – Boltzmann Methods, pp.237-315, in book Eulerian Codes for the Numerical Solution of the Kinetic Equations of Plasmas (Ed. M. Shoucri), Nova Science, 2010.

O. Batishchev and T. Matlock, Spectroscopic Characterization of the Electric Propulsion Thrusters, Final Report for the AFOSR grant FA9550-08-1-0223, -260p, 2010.

O. Batishchev, Minihelicon Plasma Thruster, IEEE Trans. Plasma Science, 37 (8) 1563, 2009.

O. Batishchev and J.L. Cambier, Experimental Study of the Mini-Helicon Thruster, Air Force Research Laboratory Report, 2009.

O. Batishchev et al, Ultrafast Laser Ablation for Space Propulsion, AIAA technical paper 2008-5294, -16p, 44th JPC, Hartford, 2008.

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