David Garelick

Experimental Particle Physics

David Garelick

Emeritus Professor
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963

Research Summary:

Professor Garelick’s research has been in the areas of:

  • Experimental particle physics, mostly at Fermilab since 1973 and recently in the design of the experiments for the MIT 1 GeV electron linac.
  • Physics education.
  • Collaborative work in medical physics with Dr. C. Tun’s group at the West Roxbury VA Hospital

The educational research was done as Co-Director (1989-1993) with E. von Goeler of Northeastern’s Introductory Physics Laboratory (Approx. 600 students per week taught by 35 graduate students in 140 minute labs.) Garelick and von Goeler were responsible for a new student lab text, Introductory Physics Experiments, 226 pgs., published by Kendall/Hunt, 1991. Also for more than five years Garelick has led a project at the IPL which developed a sonar based apparatus for the computer measurement of motion. This apparatus is now available commercially and a total of 500 such measuring systems are now used at more than one hundred schools.

Recent Publications:

“Posture Sway and the Transition Rate for a Fall,” Physica A 293, 605 (2001), D. A. Garelick, A Widom, M. Harris and R. Koleva.

“Balance Evaluation with an Ultrasonic Measuring System,” Proceedings of the January, 1994 Meeting jointly sponsored by the Association of Academic Physiatrists and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Co-Leader), D. A. Garelick, C. Tun et al.

“Production of Direct Photons and Neutral Mesons at LargeTransverse Momenta by π and p Beams at 500 GeV/c,” Physical Review D, 48:5,1993. (Collaborator), D. A. Garelick, G. Alverson et al.

“Evaluation of Boundary Element Methods for the EEG Forward Problem: Effect of Linear Interpolation,” submitted to IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, December, 1993, H. A. Schlitt, L. Heller, R. Aaron, E.D. Best, and D. Ranken.

“Direct Photon Production at π--Be and p-Be Collisions at 500 GeV/c,” Physical Review Letters, 68:2584-2587, 1992. (Collaborator), D. A. Garelick, G. Alverson et al.