Standard Coursework

PhD program courses

All PhD candidates are required to take the following courses (for more details including MS course requirements please see the graduate handbook):

First Year Courses

First Semester

PHYS 7210 Introduction to Research
PHYS 7301 Classical Mechanics/Math Methods
PHYS 7302 Electromagnetic Theory
PHYS 7315 Quantum Theory I

Second Semester

PHYS 7210 Introduction to Research
PHYS 7305 Statistical Physics
PHYS 7316 Quantum Theory II
PHYS 5318 Principles of Experimental Physics

Second Year Courses

First Semester

PHYS 7321 Computational Physics

Students must also take 2 of the following 3 courses:
PHYS 7323 Elementary Particle Physics
PHYS 7324 Condensed Matter Physics
PHYS 7731 Biological Physics

Second Semester

Students must take either of the 2 following courses:
PHYS 9984 Advanced Research
PHYS 9984 Advanced Research

To complete their course requirements, students must take one advanced elective before the completion of the third year such as:
PHYS 7741 Advanced Biological Physics
PHYS 7733 Topics in Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology
PHYS 7734 Topics in Condensed Matter Physics