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This course information for Physics is periodically updated. For the most current information please consult the Registrar's website.


PHYS 5115Quantum Mechanics117090MW14:50NelsonHT 310
PHYS 5116Complex Networks and Applic.115412MW17:30BarabasiHUNT 177
PHYS 7210Intro to Research 117088W12:00KrioukovDA 114
PHYS 7301Classical Mechanics/Math117089TR17:30WhitfordRY 203
PHYS 7302Electromagnetic Theory111536MW17:45SokoloffRY 452
PHYS 7315Quantum 1111426MW9:15NathCH 321
PHYS 7321Computational Phys111425M13:35FeiguinWV F 118
PHYS 7323Elementary Particle Physics111424MW9:15TaylorRY 435
PHYS 7324Condensed Matter Physics111224TR18:00BansilBK 210
PHYS 7335Dynam. Proc. In Complex Netwks118086WF11:45VespignaniEL 408
PHYS 7731Biological Physics 1111614MR11:45SageDG 111