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This course information for Physics is periodically updated. For the most current information please consult the Registrar's website.


PHYS 5111Astrophysics and Cosmology136500MWR9:15FotopoulosRI 227
PHYS 5115Quantum Mechanics131647MW14:50WoodRI 226
PHYS 5260Intro to Nanosci and Nanotech136497W17:00MenonRI 160
PHYS 5318Principles of Exp Physics130496T13:35IsraeloffRI 165
PHYS 5318Principles of Exp Physics231645T13:35WanunuRI 165
PHYS 7210Intro to Physics Research131202W12:00KrioukovDA 114
PHYS 7305Statistical Physics131714MR11:45KarmaRI 225
PHYS 7316Quantum Theory 2131646MW18:00SokoloffRI 226
PHYS 7331Network Science Data137223TR17:00PerraRI 160
PHYS 7733Elementary Particle Phys & Cosmol136952MR11:45NelsonRI 226
PHYS 7734Condensed Matter Physics136949W13:35MarkiewiczINV 014