NU Fellowships and Awards

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

Graduate students are generally supported by Teaching Assistantships, awarded through the Physics Department graduate program, or by Research Assistantships, awarded through external grants to the student’s PhD advisor. There are several additional funding opportunities to enhance the student research experience.

Distinguished Graduate Fellowship

The College of Science Distinguished Graduate Fellowship is a multi-year stipend awarded on entry to a College of Science PhD program to a select few students, making it easier for them to immediately join a research group.

Graduate Student Government Travel Funding

All graduate students are eligible for conference travel funding up to the amount of $375 for each academic year through Northeastern’s Graduate Student Government. The College of Science also offers a similar travel grant program.

Physics Department and College of Science Summer Research Fellowships

The Summer Research Fellowships are intended to help graduate students gain research experience and work with a potential PhD advisor in the summer between the first and second academic years in the PhD program. The program provides matching money for advisors willing to pay a student half the stipend in the Summer 1 minimester. This allows students to do full time research during that time.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Northeastern University also offers several Dissertation Completion Fellowships each semester to help students finish their thesis. These fellowships consist of a full semester stipend, intending for use in the final semester of the PhD. Below is a link to a fellowship competition announcement.

Lawrence Awards

Each year top graduate students will receive awards for Excellence in Teaching, Academic Excellence, and Journal Club Speaker prizes.

2014 Lawrence Award for Excellence in Teaching Recipients

Christopher Lane
Alexander Hyde

2014 Lawrence Award for Graduate Academic Excellence Recipients

Prasad Bandarkar
Wei Fan
Christopher Lane

2014 Journal Club Speaker Prize Recipient

Rohan Gala