Thermo-Responsive, Tetherless Microsurgical Tools

When: Friday, November 04, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Where: EG 206
Speaker: Dr. Evin Gultepe, Post-doctoral Research Associate
Organization: John Hopkins University
Sponsor: Nanogroup Meeting

Medical procedures have evolved from invasive to minimally invasive techniques while the ultimate goal, non-invasive surgery, is still elusive. We purpose a step in this direction by the creation and utilization of sub-millimeter scale tools, microgrippers, that close autonomously in response to body temperature. The microgrippers have been used to perform both ex vivo and in vivo biopsy tasks. The highlights of this technique are that the microgrippers can be fabricated and actuated en masse, are small enough to pass through standard surgical catheters and hard to reach places in the body, can be designed with sharp tips strong enough for tissue excision, can be magnetically guided without the need for any wires or tethers to complete the task.