Graphene: A Physicist VIew of the “Wonder Material”

When: Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 4:00 pm
Where: DA 114
Speaker: Professor Eva Andrei
Organization: Department of Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers University
Sponsor: Physics Colloquium

Within the eight years since its first scotch-tape extraction from graphite, Graphene – a one atom-thick crystal of carbon – has metamorphosed from the poor relative of diamond into a “wonder material”. Crowning graphene’s rise, the European Commission pledged on February 1st 2013 one billion € to seed a European “Graphene valley”, aimed to revolutionize industries and stimulate economic growth.
In this talk I will review the story and physics of graphene with emphasis on electronic properties which stem from its ultra-relativistic charge carriers -Dirac fermions. I will then describe experiments which employed transport, scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy to gain access to the two-dimensional world of Dirac fermions, their interactions with each other and with the environment.

Host: Assistant Professor Meni Wanunu
Exp Cond Matt