Searching for SUSY: What the First Year of the CMS has Taught Us

When: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 at 11:00 am
Where: DA 114
Speaker: Peter Wittich
Organization: Cornell University
Sponsor: Special Physics Colloquium

Supersymmetry has been the most popular answer to ‘what lies beyond the standard model of particle physics’ for many years now. With the advent of the LHC we hope to be able to definitively answer the question, is our universe supersymmetric or not? The first massive CMS data sets have not lead to the discovery of a slew SUSY particles – what does that tell us about SUSY? In this talk I’ll outline the motivations for SUSY, the current experimental results from CMS that constrain it, and why it remains a popular framework.  I’ll outline where SUSY might be hiding in the future and how CMS is adapting to the new challenge.