Patenting Bio- and Nanotechnologies: From Idea to Approval

When: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 4:30 pm
Where: SNL 111
Speaker: Joel Bresler and John Lanza
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Sponsor: IGERT Nano-Bio Innovation Seminar

This seminar will describe how law firms prepare and write patents. Provisional patents, “full” or “claims” patents, PCT filings, timetables for specific country elections, and the “first to file” provisions of the America Invents Act will also be introduced.” NEU IP policy, the Center for Research Innovation (CRI), and its services to the NEU community will be discussed within the context of how to transition from an idea in the lab to a licensable patent.

Joel Bresler is the Technology Portfolio Director for the Center for Research Innovation (CRI) at Northeastern University. He is an accomplished Business Development Executive and Entrepreneur experienced in leading corporations and new ventures in  business development and general management. His key accomplishments include business development for best-selling electronic media and software products, as well as the co-founding and public sale of two firms.

John Lanza is a partner wit Foley & Lardner LLP where he excels at helping companies identify and maximize the corporate value of their intellectual property assets. He provides strategic advice to his clients regarding the acquisition, transfer and enforcement of intellectual property rights and counsels them regarding their business operations in the face of adverse intellectual property rights.