Nano-Bio Innovation Seminar

When: Wednesday, April 03, 2013 at 5:30 pm
Where: SH 335
Speaker: Adnan Nasir, MD, PhD
Organization: Clinical Professor of Dermatology, UNC Chapel Hill
Sponsor: IGERT Nanomedicine Science & Technology

Adnan Nasir, MD PhD, is a leader in dermatology and nanotechnology in the United States. Since
2010, he has been president of the Nanodermatology Society. Currently, he is Clinical Professor of
Dermatology at UNC Chapel Hill. As medical director and Principal Investigator in Dermatology at
Wake Research Associates, he has conducted over 100 clinical studies in psoriasis, eczema,
hyperhidrosis, skin cancer, cutaneous infections, and cosmetic dermatology. He has presented his
clinical and scientific work at national and international conferences.Dr. Nasir is directing
collaboration between the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine Department of Dermatology and
the Swiss Nanoscience Institute in Basel on research applications of nanocantilevers for the
diagnosis of melanoma. He is overseeing a project at the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of
Biomedical Engineering in the use of two‐photon polymerization for the synthesis of micro and
nanostructures for drug and vaccine delivery to the skin and for the creation of the next
generation of skin suture substitute material. Dr. Nasir maintains an interest in promoting
nanotechnology education in dermatology. He has conducted surveys on nanotechnology
knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions in the dermatologic community, and has identified gaps to
target in medical education for inclusion in the canonical dermatology curriculum. Dr. Nasir is on
the editorial board of the scientific journal Nanomedicine, and contributes to Men’s Health, where
he has been a dermatology consultant since 2000. He is the author of a book for the general
public on atopic dermatitis and is the senior editor of the leading textbook on nanotechnology for
dermatologists. He is past President of the North Carolina Dermatology Association, and a North
Carolina Medical Society Leadership College scholar.