Nano-Bio Innovation Seminar

When: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 4:40 pm
Where: SH 335
Speaker: Marie D'Iorio
Organization: Executive Director, NRC, National Institute for Nanotechnology
Sponsor: IGERT Nanomedicine Science & Technology

Marie D’Iorio is the Executive Director of the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NRC-NINT). Prior to this, she served as the Acting Director General of NRC-NINT and as the Director General of NRC-IMS (Institute for Microstructural Sciences). Dr. D’Iorio obtained a Ph.D. in solid-state physics in 1982 from the University of Toronto. She then spent a year as a post-doctoral fellow at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland working with Dr. Alex Müller on electron spin resonance in perovskite compounds. In 1983, Dr. D’Iorio returned to Canada to join the National Research Council where she established the first very low temperature, high magnetic field laboratory in Canada to study low dimensional electron systems in semiconductor heterostructures. Working at the leading edge of this field, she uncovered novel experimental evidence for a metal-insulator phase transition in dilute electron systems of very high mobility semiconductor quantum wells. In 1998, Dr. D’Iorio initiated and coordinated a project on organic materials for displays. Over the years she has led the NRC-IMS Organic Materials and Devices group and was Director of Components Technologies at IMS. Dr. D’Iorio has authored and co-authored 100 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings and is the co-inventor of 3 patents. She has served on various national and international scientific committees, advisory groups and Boards of Directors, and has participated actively in professional associations, including serving as President of the Canadian Association of Physicists. Dr. D’Iorio also serves as a Professor of Physics and Assistant Vice-President (Research), at the University of Alberta’s Department of Physics.