I Think I Have a Great Idea…Now What?

When: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 4:30 pm
Where: SNL 111
Speaker: Amar Sawhney, PhD
Organization: President and CEO, Ocular Therapeutix
Sponsor: IGERT Nano-Bio Innovation Seminar

I will talk about the process of challenging and evaluating one’s idea to determine if it is worth
charging forward with and creating a company around. My talk will focus on a Medtech context
and use my prior company, Confluent Surgical, as an example. An inventor is often enamored
with their own idea and it is often useful to have a series of objective measures that can help
evaluate the idea so as to eliminate personal bias. I will also speak to the process of what goes
first few steps of founding a company, which includes what goes into a business plan, short
discussion on the funding, and the team building process. Overall I hope to provide a primer on
the thought process of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey.

Amarpreet Sawhney is the President and CEO of Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. a company focused on
unmet needs in ophthalmic surgical wound management and drug delivery. Previously, he was
Founder and CEO of Confluent Surgical (acquired by Covidien), a biosurgery company. He has
founded six companies, which account for over 1,600 jobs created and over $1.5 billion in
revenue to date. Mr. Sawhney helps foster entrepreneurship by mentoring young innovators
and creating companies through Incept, a medical device incubator.