Commercializing Nanotechnology: The NanoTerra Approack

When: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 4:40 pm
Where: SH 335
Speaker: Myer Berlow
Organization: Chairman/Founder Nano Terra
Sponsor: IGERT Nanomedicine Science & Technology Center

Nano Terra, Inc. was founded for the purpose of taking the nanotechnology innovations and science of Professor George Whitesides of Harvard “from the lab into the market place.” Our business model focuses on establishing long-term collaborations with leading manufacturers and marketers in areas that will create high value for them. The collaborations are centered around Nano Terra’s patented technology platform and core expertise rooted in the science of surface chemistry, self-assembly, soft lithography, and microfluidics developed by Professor George Whitesides. Nano Terra uses this platform to create new functionalities in materials and devices and novel methods of fabrication. These benefits extend its partners’ capabilities in new and powerful ways–creating both new products and more efficient and cost-effective processes.

Nano Terra co-develops specific products with its customers who cover the cost of Nano Terra’s scientists only for the duration of development. At product launch, Nano Terra receives royalties and license fees from its partners. Nan0 Terra aims to impact multiple industry areas through this model. This approach diversifies the revenue base, thus somewhat insulating it from economic cycles and commercializing and marketing risks. The strength of the business model is the growth of royalty revenue which has no cost after the development is completed.