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    Obtaining up to 18 months of professional experience related to their Physics major prior to graduation helps to set Northeastern students apart. Physics majors experience co-op from July – December with their first co-op typically occurring during the summer and fall of sophomore year. Navigating through the site will help you discover what the Northeastern Physics Program and co-op could mean to you. If you have any questions relating to co-op please contact us.

Student Profile

Emily Batt

Emily’s initial interest in Physics was a bit serendipitous. She enrolled at Northeastern without declaring a major, and first became acquainted with the Physics Department at an academic fair.  Hesitant to declare a major during freshman year because her interests were varied, Emily sought to pursue a broad and diverse curriculum.  However, since selecting Physics at the start of sophomore year, she found the versatility in the discipline allowed her to explore a number of unexpected avenues.  (more…)

Company Profile

Oregon State University REU Program

Oregon State University offers a paid 10 week summer internship through the Research for Undergraduate Experience (REU) Program.  Based upon the application process, twenty students from all over the United States are chosen to participate. Students are given the opportunity to develop research skills through hands-on experience, creating an extremely valuable learning opportunity. Ten students will be located at the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) in Corvallis, and the other ten at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC). (more…)

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