Oregon State University REU Program

Oregon State University offers a paid 10 week summer internship through the Research for Undergraduate Experience (REU) Program.  Based upon the application process, twenty students from all over the United States are chosen to participate. Students are given the opportunity to develop research skills through hands-on experience, creating an extremely valuable learning opportunity. Ten students will be located at the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (COAS) in Corvallis, and the other ten at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC).

The (REU) program offers a unique opportunity that gives students the chance to work individually under guidance of university and research agency scientists who serve the students as mentors.

Students will work on research projects, and participate in group field trips, seminars, and science colloquia over the 10 weeks. They are also given numerous opportunities to work with government agency scientists, faculty and all students in both locations. On-site housing at COAS or HMSC as well as a weekly stipend is provided.

The HMSC is a thriving research community, with one of the largest marine labs in the Pacific Northwest. The many research opportunities available at COAS draw students majoring in physics, chemistry, geology and biology of solid Earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences. Having the experience at HMSC and COAS will further advance any interested student’s knowledge and understanding of marine, coastal and estuarine environments.

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