2008-2009 Proposals/Defenses

Date Time Location Candidate Title
11/5/08 1:00 pm 406 Egan Luis A. Brito
Doctoral Dissertation Defense
“Targeted Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Delivery with Lipopolyplexes for the Treatment of Coronary Restenosis”
11/7/08 3:00 pm 412 Mugar Rishikesh Sawant
Thesis Defense
“Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) as a Key Component of Long Circulating Delivery Systems for Therapy and Imaging”
1/7/09 9:00 am 114 Mugar Amrita Mehta
Master Theses Defense
“Loading Nanoliposome Therapeutics into Red Blood Cells using Electroporation”
1/20/09 2:30 pm 344 CSC Shweta Raina
Master Thesis Defense
“Role of Type O-Glycosylation in the Cytotoxic Activity of Chemotherapeutic Agents as a Function of their Physicochemical Properties: An Evaluation of Mucinous Cancer Cell Lines”
1/20/09 10:00 am 344 CSC Aditi Jhaveri
Master Thesis Defense
“Magnetic Nanomedicine and Hyperthermia for the Treatment of Thyroid Cancer”
1/26/09 1:15 pm 114 Mugar Ruchir Farkiwala
Master’s Theses Defense
“An Evaluation of Different Cationic Lipids on Uptake of Liposomes by Endothelial Cells and Influence of the Lipid Type on Binding to Albumin Plasma Protein: A Mechanistic Approach in Vitro”
2/27/09 10:00 am 114 Mugar Chinmay Bakshi
Master’s Thesis Proposal Defense
“Combination Chemo- and Thermo Therapies with Temperature-Sensitive Nanoemulsions in Drug Resistant Tumor Cells”
06/17/09 10:00 am 6 Robinson Lara Jabr-Milane
PhD Thesis Proposal Defense
“Tumor Hypoxia, the Warburg Effect, and Multidrug Resistance: Modulation of Hypoxia Induced MDR Using EGFR-Targeted Polymer Blend Nanocarriers for Combination Paclitaxel/Lonidamine Therapy”
07/09/09 10:00 am 114 Mugar Niraj Patel
Master’s Thesis Defense
“P. Gingivalis-Targeted Methylene Blue-Containing Polymeric Nanoparticle Formulations for Oral Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy” for your review.
07/09/09 1:00 pm 114 Mugar Aalok Shah
Master’s Thesis Defense
“Evaluation of Mucin Glycosylation as a Barrier to Drug Uptake: A Quantitative Approach
07/31/09 10:00 am 114 Mugar Chinmay Bakshi
Master’s Thesis Defense
“Combination Chemo- and Thermal Therapies with Temperature-Sensitive Nanoemulsions in Drug Resistant Tumor Cells”
08/06/09 4:00 pm 114 Mugar Schachi Bhatt
Master’s Thesis Defense
“Use of Vibratome Sectioning And Phosphor Imaging To Characterize Distribution Of 14C In Brain After Administration Of Radiolabeled Acetaldehyde And Acetate”
08/25/09 10:00 am 114 Mugar Bo Ying
PhD Thesis Proposal Defense
“Optimized Liposomal Formulation for Delivering siRNA to the Tumor Vasculature”
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