Professional Science Masters in Biomedical Nanotechnology

The M.S. Program in Biomedical Nanotechnology will incorporate aspects of the Pharmaceutical Sciences curriculum with courses in Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Law. The combination of these fields will result in a unique curriculum that will provide students with skills not only in the relevant science, but also in leadership, business and intellectual property law. Furthermore, the program directly addresses a core mission of the university; namely, the provision of practice-oriented educational programs in major scientific disciplines.

Admission Prerequisites:

Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology

Prospective Curriculum:

Year 1: Fall Semester

PHSC 5100 / Concepts in Pharmaceutical Science / 2SH
PHSC 5305 / Professional Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences / 1SH
NNMD 7270 / Intro to Nanomedicine Science and Technology / 3SH
PHSC 6300 / Pharmaceutical Biochemistry / 2SH

Year 1: Spring Semester
NNMD 4570 / Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine Product Develpment / 3SH
PHSC 7010 / Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory / 4SH
IDSC 7370 / Nanosystems Design for Biology and Medicine / 2SH

Year 1: Summer Semester
PHSC 6212 / Research Skills and Ethics / 1SH

Year 2: Fall Semester
PMST 6254 / Advanced Drug Delivery Systems / 3SH
ENTR 6200 / Innovation and Enterprise Growth / 3SH
LAW 7369 / Intellectual Property Law / 2SH

Year 2: Spring Semester
EECE 5698 / Special Topics in Bio-Nanotechnology / 4SH
TBD / Special Topics in Nanotechnology and Law / 1SH
ENTR 6212 / New Venture Creation / 3SH

Year 2: Summer Semester
PHSC 6401 / Internship / 1SH


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