Non-Traditional PhD

Non-traditional PhD Policies as of 9/17/2013

 1)      Prospective PhD student entering through the non-traditional pathway will first require a faculty sponsor/mentor.

2)      There will be no departmental financial aid available to PhD students who enter through the non-traditional pathway.

3)      Transcripts and other application material need to be submitted by the candidate and will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee. The Graduate Committee will serve as a primary screen for eligibility of the candidate into our doctoral program.

4)      A prior MS degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences or a related field (as determined by the Graduate Committee) is required. If the degree is awarded from Northeastern University, the candidate will be exempt from didactic courses. If the degree is awarded from another institution, the Graduate Committee will review the transcripts to evaluate any deficiencies and proper coursework for progress. All students will take the following:

Ph.D. Courses – 12 SH minimum

•        PHSC 6300 Pharmaceutical Science Seminar 1 SH (must be taken more than once)
•        PHSC 8940 Doctoral Training and Research, 1 SH
•        PHSC 9681 Doctoral Proposal 2 SH
•        PHSC 6810 Pharmaceutical Science Colloquium 1 SH
•        PHSC 9990 Dissertation 3 SH (must be taken at least twice, no more than 3times)

5)      If the candidate meets our admission requirements, he/she will be asked to visit the campus and meet with the faculty mentor. The supervisor/sponsor from the company will also join this meeting.

6)      At this meeting, the candidate and sponsor from industry will work with the faculty mentor to develop a student progression plan and preliminary dissertation research proposal. Tuition and research expenses will be included in the student progression plan.

7)      The progression plan and dissertation proposal will be formally presented to the University through the Technology Transfer Office. Any confidentiality/IP issues will be addressed through the Technology Transfer Office and the company lawyer(s).  The dissertation work must be open to publication and presentation.

8)      Upon completion of the agreement between the University and the company, the progression plan and the dissertation proposal will be submitted to the Graduate Committee.

9)      The student will be formally accepted into the doctoral program.

10)     The candidate will be expected to meet the departmental requirements and pass the qualifying exam, defend the dissertation research proposal, attend departmental seminars, provide progress reports, and successfully defend the dissertation preferably within a period of 3 years but no more than 5 years after the qualifying exam.

11)     Every 6 months, the Graduate Committee will request that the faculty mentor provide a written status of the candidate’s progress towards PhD.

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