Industrial Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Industrial Fellowship Program

 A doctoral student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences received an Industrial Fellowship and is currently working on a joint research project to understand the mechanism of vaccine adjuvants. The Academic-Industrial partnership established through the Fellowship has created unprecedented opportunities leveraging strengths from the two sectors. Doctoral students gain real-world perspective from industrial partnership, while still maintaining freedom to present and publish.

We invite you to consider supporting this innovative model of graduate-level scientific training. Important questions that are raised in industry can be answered in collaboration with us through a comprehensive doctoral thesis. Based on the diversity of faculty research interests in the Department, the projects can range from Drug Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Drug Delivery, Nano-Biotechnology, Bioanalytical Chemistry, and Imaging.

Please contact us for additional information and a discussion on how partnering together we can advance the discovery and development of therapeutics and vaccines.

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