Tania Konry

Associate Professor

Contact Information
Office: 140 the Fenway, Room 441, Lab 446
Voice: 617.373.2423

Website: http://www.northeastern.edu/konrylab/

Ph.D. Biotechnology Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Israel
M. Sc. Biotechnology Engineering , Ben Gurion University, Israel
B.Med.Sc Medical Science, Ben Gurion University, Israel

Previous Experience
Nano- and Microsystems Bioengineering Group co-leader, Center for Engineering in Medicine/MGH/HMS.
Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School.
Assistant in Bioengineering, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).
Postdoctoral Fellow, Tufts University, Department of Chemistry.

Our research focuses on the application of bioengineering principals to both analysis and manipulate biological system. In particular our research program involves in two research thrusts to advance further the understanding of mechanisms of regulation in diseases.

First research thrust: involves in development of novel diagnostic tools, assays, bioassays and biosensors to improve current diagnostics. In particular, we are currently working on development of a novel technology to study single-cell molecular phenotype characterization and cell-cell interactions that addresses fundamental biological questions and allows one to observe functional proteomic phenomena in heterogeneous populations of single cells. The developed approach allows us to define the complex interactions and signaling outcomes at cell-cell interaction and consequently to build multiple co-stimulatory signals and block the inhibitory pathways into vaccines in an appropriate combinatorial fashion. Furthermore, we are working in collaboration with Dr. Steven J. Russell/ MGH Diabetes Unit/HMS on development of novel sensor system that will monitor interstitial insulin in real time and determine the pharmacokinetic (PK) characteristics of insulin in real time to optimize insulin dosing for each individual patient to achieve the best blood glucose control performance.

Second research thrust: is focused on bio competitive polymers and tissue engineering to allow us to study the immune regulation concepts in a lymphoid tissue via engineered “lymphoid-like” constructs with immunoregulatory characteristics. Our bioartificial “lymphoid-like” construct has potential of enabling the induction of a cell-base tolerogenic microenvironment and immuno-regulation necessary in cancer therapy and inflammatory disorders. Currently in collaboration with Dr.David Avigan, Director of Hematologic Malignancies/Bone Marrow Transplant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/HMS we apply the developed construct for cell transplantation and immuno-regulation in cancer therapy.

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    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Pharmacy
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    Northeastern University
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