Faculty Spotlight: Vladimir Torchilin


Prestigious 2012 Bangham Award

We are pleased to announce that Professor Vladimir Torchilin, (Pharmaceutical Sciences) has been selected as the 2012 Bangham Award recipient for his outstanding contributions to the study of liposomes which includes his works on: novel materials for stabilizing liposomes; methods to target liposomes to the heart as a potential therapy for myocardial infarctions; and studies on the pharmacology of liposome encapsulated compounds. His studies over the past three decades have been at the forefront of liposome research and have advanced the field.

The Bangham Award is named after the late Professor Alec Bangham. Professor Bangham was a physician who turned to science and applied physicochemical methods to investigate the self-assembling properties of phospholipids and their role in the mechanism of action of lung surfactants. As stated in the Guardian upon his death, “Alec Bangham’s decision to abandon clinical pathology and become a research scientist unleashed a career rich in discovery and innovation.” It spanned six wonderfully fruitful decades during which Alec, who has died aged 88, became known as the father of liposomes. “Past winners of the Bangham Award include: Demetri Paphadjopulos, Yechezkel (Chezy) Barenholz, Francis C. Szoka, Alberto Gabizon, Leaf Huang, Lee Leserman, Pieter Cullis, Terry Allen, Carl Alving, and Gregory Gegoriadis.

Dr. Torchilin will present a 35 minute lecture on his accomplishments in the area of liposome research at the LRD meeting in Hangzhou China on October 12, 2012. After his lecture, the award plaque will be presented to him.

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