Faculty Spotlight: Ban-An Khaw

Professor Khaw’s Visit and Presentation at Fu Wai Hospital, Beijing, Oct 22, 2012.

During my visit to China in October 2012, I was invited to present a seminar at Fu Wai Hospital, Beijing, the preeminent Cardiology Center of China. My colleagues from my earlier association with the Chinese – Chinese American Society of Nuclear Medicine joint conferences, in 1991 and later, made it a point to attend my seminar. Professor Liu, Xiu Jie was the co-conference organizer with me . Professor Chen was a Nuclear Oncologist. Both have retired but are still participating in clinical practice.

It was a great honor to be presented with a signed copy of Professor Liu’s new Nucelar Medicine Book before the seminar.

The topic of my seminar was,” Molecular Imaging of Very Small Lesions in Cardiovascular to Onclolgy, back to Cardiovascular: Potential therapeutic Applications.” My host was Dr. He, Zou Xiang, the current Professor and Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Cardiology at Fu Wai Hospital Cardiology Center. Dr. Yang, Min Fu was the coordinator of my seminar and dinner.

Professor He, Chief of Nuclear Medicine, Fu Wai Hospital, Beijing.

In the group photo, Professor Liu is on my right and to his right is Dr. Yang. On my left is Professor Chen. The younger participants are cardiologist and Ph.D.s of the Center. My presentation will lead to collaborations between Northeastern University, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Fu Wai Hospital, Cardiology Center. Professor He is very interested in establishing both experimental and clinical collaboration because of the immense potential of being able to detect very small cardiovascular and cancer lesions in their early stages so that maximal therapeutic efficacy may be achieved by early intervention. He is interested in both in vitro and in vivo applications developed in my laboratory at Norhteastern University.

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