Graduate Internship Policies

Requirements and Regulations for Department of Pharmaceutical Science Internships

In order to enhance the practical training of our programs, Internship provides an experiential component of the graduate curriculum that fosters professional development through work in drug discovery, development, and/or regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical, medical device or biotechnology companies. Students engage in pharmaceutical science research or work in an environment outside the University but under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

  1. Taking internship must not extend an international student’s visa.
  2. The student must have completed two semesters with a GPA of 3.0 or better, be in good academic standing and have no instances of academic dishonesty, no blocks on enrollment, and no repeated courses.
  3. Students have primary responsibity for finding their own internship. Prior to looking for an internship, CV must be submitted to Nancy Waggner for approval.
  4. Students must register for the Internship course PHSC 6401 and get signed approvals from a) the Graduate Program Director, b) the Bouve Graduate Office, and c) the ISSI (only if the student is on a visa), in that order. If the student is on an international student visa, the student is also required to file the paperwork for Curricular Practical Training.
  5. MS Students may take internship in either or both summer sessions of the full-time program. Students with a GPA greater than 3.2 may petition the graduate committee to take internship during academic semesters (fall or spring). PhD candidates (post qualifying exam) are exempt from the GPA requirement, but require approval of their academic advisor. PhD students may not take internship during semesters they are supported by an SGA. International students are reminded that internships totaling more than 52 weeks will eliminate the possibility of post-graduation OPT (Optical Practical Training).
  6. In order to receive a grade for the course, the student must write a paper (at least 2 pages) describing what they did for their internship and what they learned from it. This should be sent to Dr. Amiji. In addition, the supervisor for the internship will be asked to reply to a questionnaire about the student’s performance.
  7. Internship gives full-time status to the student, but can be taken with other courses if these do not conflict with the internship.
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