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The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an integral part of the School of Pharmacy and Bouve College of Health Sciences, one of the seven colleges at Northeastern University. Health Science is a rapidly fast developing area here, and in the near future, we expect to see new developments in such cutting edge research such as drug discovery, neuro-pharmacology and toxicology, targeted drug delivery and nanomedicine, molecular imaging, and bioanalytical chemistry.

When looking through this site, you’ll learn about different individuals and their scientific interests and achievements. Those interests and achievements span the outstanding variety of subjects, from medicinal chemistry to drug delivery, from neuroscience to toxicology, from mechanisms of inflammation to nanomedicine and molecular imaging. There are, however, several important features that unify these people into a single entity – the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Among these features one can name a shared interest in health sciences and ability to work as a team providing excellent educational and research opportunities to our students, great scientific ideas, and outstanding community service.

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    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Pharmacy
    Bouvé College of Health Sciences
    Northeastern University
    140 The Fenway
    Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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