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Student Self Assessments, Preceptor Identity Confirmation and Assessment of Student

Students are asked to submit self assessments online in myNEU COOL at the start, midpoint and end of their Co-op/IPPE assignment. Students can access self assessments in myNEU COOL by clicking My Placements & Evaluations on the home screen of COOL, and then opening the Evaluations tab.

Preceptors are asked to complete an assessment of a student’s performance only at the end of the Co-op/IPPE assignment, and are provided a login and password to do this securely online. To be sure that preceptors are provided with accurate login information to access the student assessments, about mid way through the Co-op/IPPE students will be emailed a request to confirm the identity of their preceptors. (This must be the person who has direct-day-to-day supervisory responsibility for the student’s activities on Co-op/IPPE.) Preceptors will also be sent an email requesting confirmation of their status as supervisor to each of their assigned Co-op/IPPE students. Following confirmation of the preceptor’s identity, log in information will then be emailed to the preceptor enabling him or her to complete the student’s evaluation online. Once the preceptor has submitted the student’s evaluation online, the student will be able to review a printer-friendly view of it by clicking My Placements and Evaluations on the home screen of myNEU COOL.

The assessment forms are also available below:

Community Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Assessment Form

Institutional Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Assessment Form