The Pep Band represents the school, our sports teams, and the music department, therefore it is very important that we look and perform as one unit. Please adhere to our uniform policy to the best of your ability, you will receive a warning for your first offense of not following the uniform policy. You will be sent home to change for any further offenses. For televised games, even a first-time offender will be sent home to change.


Full Uniform:

  • For all non-Hockey, non-summer weather events
  • Black shoes (All black, sneakers, dress shoes, or marching shoes)
  • Black socks (Exception: females wearing flats)
  • Black pants (Non-denim material) – Black belt if needed
  • Black Polo Shirt (issued to you each semester at no cost) – TUCKED IN
  • Red Pep Band Hat

Hockey Uniform:

  • Black shoes (All black, sneakers, dress shoes, or marching shoes)
  • Black socks (Exception: females wearing flats)
  • Black pants (Non-denim material) – Black belt if needed
  • Hockey jersey (issued to you each GAME at no cost)
  • Any other clothing that keeps you warm that fits under the jersey (preferably NU colors, or generic)

Warm-Weather Uniform:

  • Red Sox Games or any other outdoor events
  • Comfortable sneakers
  • Socks
  • Tan Khaki shorts (cargo shorts acceptable)
  • Black Polo Shirt – Tucked in
  • Red Pep Band Hat
  • Sunglasses acceptable


All members of the NU Pep Band will be expected to perform at all events to which they are assigned.  A schedule with the assignments will be available at the beginning of each semester.  You will have the opportunity to state conflicts ahead of time.  The expectation will be for members to perform at half of the total events.  If the roster allows, we will split the band into two bands (Red/Black) and rotate through each sport as equally as possible.  This would translate to approx. 18-20 events in the Fall over the course of 14 weeks.  If the roster further allows, we will split the band into three bands and everyone can perform at a third of the events.  That would mean 11-13 events.  “Many hands make for light work!”

(If space allows, people may ask to perform at additional events they are not scheduled for.)


Personal instruments may be kept in the NU Bands closet at 146 Curry Student Center. The band also owns some instruments for our members to borrow. These are allocated on a first-come, first-served on a per-semester basis. You are responsible for making sure your instrument is at each rehearsal and performance. Instruments may be picked up by appointment with a council member.

Personal instruments may be taken out at any time, for any time period. Band-owned instruments may be taken out for a 24-hour period, which must not conflict with a performance or rehearsal if you are sharing your instrument with a member of another ensemble.

Drugs and Alcohol:

Northeastern University and the NU Pep Band have strict rules regarding alcohol/drug use. At no time may any member be inhibited by the influence of drugs or alcohol while representing the Pep Band. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary action from NU Pep Band and possibly by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).


The University’s students and employees are required to follow all federal, state, and local laws and to comply with Northeastern University policies whether on or off campus. Students under the age of 21 are prohibited both by law and University policy from possessing or consuming alcohol at or during any University sponsored events, including at any time, from the time of departure until the time of return. Alcohol is prohibited from any bus, van, car, or other mode of transportation for all students between points of a destination. Under no circumstance shall the operator of such a vehicle consume alcohol 12 hours prior to operating the motor vehicle. It is the responsibility of the trip leader and the executive board of the organization to acquaint participants of this policy and to monitor policy adherence. Inappropriate behavior while on a trip will be referred to the appropriate administrative department as well as the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (OSCCR).


2016-2017 Members’ Handbook

2016 Constitution and Bylaws