Faculty Director: Allison Cockshaw-Betsold

Allison Cockshaw-Betsold is thrilled to begin her career as Assistant Director of Bands at Northeastern University. Ms. Betsold is the Director of the University Pep Band and Concert Band here at NU. The NU Pep Band performs at several of the university's sporting events as well as off campus community events, such as baseball games at Fenway Park. The NU Concert Band is one of many concert ensembles at the university, and has a history of performing with members of the elite Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Betsold graduated from the University of Kansas with a Master's Degree in Wind Conducting. During her time at KU, Ms. Betsold was the director of the Women's Volleyball Pep Band and an assistant to the KU Marching Jayhawks. Ms. Betsold holds Bachelor's Degrees in Music Education and Trumpet Performance from the University of Massachusetts.

Justin Brown

President: Justin Brown

Originally hailing from Kingston, New Hampshire, Justin now calls Boston home. A fourth-year pharmacy student, he joins the Pep Band on tuba, and tries to squeeze in practice time on the piano at home. Justin enjoys many things, among them: Pokémon, Battlestar Galactica, cribbage, sandwiches, Civ V, poorly received puns, manual transmissions, and trains. As the executive officer of the Pep Band's student leadership, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the Band and its officers. For questions or concerns regarding the administration of the Pep Band, Justin can be reached at nupepbandpresident@gmail.com.

TJ Fujiyoshi

Secretary: TJ Fujiyoshi

TJ Fujiyoshi is a Middler Business Administration student studying Finance and Accounting. Originally from Hopkinton, MA (Go Hillers!), he plays Trombone in Pep Band.  As Secretary he is in charge of attendance and sending the e-mails (Woo!).  When he’s not banding, he’s probably running, playing hockey, practicing sportsball, or cheering on NU sports! If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to contact him at nupepbandsecretary@gmail.com.

Amy Sevigny

Treasurer: Amy Sevigny

Amy is a fourth year Chemical Engineering student who plays alto sax in the Pep Band. As treasurer, she handles dues collection, reimbursements, instrument purchases, and funding requests.  She is also a part of the NU Concert Band where she serves as president. When not doing something band related, she enjoys going to concerts, cooking and watching movies. For any questions or concerns, she can be reached at nupepbandtreasurer@gmail.com.

Managers: Anthony Graffigna & Divya Muruga

Anthony is a middler Computer Science major hailing from Long Island, New York. He plays Tuba in Pep Band, is involved in NUStage's Pit Band, and plays a variety of other instruments when he finds free time. As co-manager he is in charge of instruments and equipment owned by the school and ensuring they are being properly used and cared for. Anthony likes memes, sleeping, hats, Super Smash Bros., angsty pop punk, and debating the classification of different foods (a hotdog is a sandwich).

Divya is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering major from Pittsfield, Massachusetts and plays Flute in the Pep Band. As co-manager, Divya makes sure that all of the school owned instruments are always in working order and handles the distribution and collection of uniforms. She enjoys burritos, going to concerts, and punderful jokes.

If you have an equipment-related question, feel free to contact them at nupepbandmanager@gmail.com.

Librarian: Charlie Unfricht

Charlie is a senior Math major & CS minor from Scottsdale, AZ, who plays clarinet in both Pep Band and Concert Band! As Librarian, Charlie manages the construction and maintenance of our music books to ensure they're in their best condition for use at performances and rehearsals. Charlie enjoys Guitar Hero/Rock Band and has a desperate desire to own a hedgehog. If you have any questions or comments regarding the pep books, pep band in general, or really anything then feel free to shoot Charlie an email at nupepbandlibrarian@gmail.com.

Maddie Solomon

Events Coordinator: Maddie Solomon

Maddie Solomon is our events coordinator! She is a senior nursing major and this is her fourth year playing the trumpet in pep band. As events coordinator Maddie plans fun events for our band members including poster making, laser tag, and our end of the year bandquet. If you would like to reach out to Maddie for any reason please feel free to email her at nupepbandevents@gmail.com.

Student Director: Victoria Dominguez

Victoria is a middler Business major from the humble state of New Jersey. She plays tenor sax in the Pep Band, and plays bassoon in the Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. As Student Director, she works alongside the director to conduct the band at hockey, basketball, and volleyball games. Victoria loves Luke Skywalker, aquariums, and memes. She can be reached at nupepbandstudentdirector@gmail.com.

Webmaster: Jonathan Bell

Jonathan is a sophomore Computer Science and Design major from Northern Virginia. He plays Tuba in Pep Band and Piano and Ukulele in his free time. When not making music, he enjoys watching musicals, streaming far too much Netflix, and mixing live sound for concerts. As Webmaster, he is responsible for designing and maintaining the website as well as updating the social media accounts. He can be reached at nupepbandwebmaster@gmail.com.